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Our Cards solution allows fintechs, banks and companies from the most diverse sectors and segments to offer cards to their customers with innovative technology in a matter of weeks.

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Crypto Cards

Provide your customers with a card that connects the crypto world with the fiat world so they can use their crypto investments to make payments and transactions on a daily basis.

We enable instant consumption of cryptocurrency balances or local currency by connecting your wallet with a Visa or Mastercard debit card, providing seamless transactions.

Success Cases


Grant credit cards to your users along with a transparent flow of invoices, transactions, and reconciliations.

We issue and process cards for your users in accordance with your business rules. Additionally, we provide you with our credit engine, allowing you to define the desired limits to be granted. This engine also enables us to calculate interest, penalties, minimum payments, and generate account statements.


Give your clients the ability to use their investment returns for everyday payments.

We facilitate the issuance and processing of payments for Visa or Mastercard cards connected to your investment platform.

Instant funding

Offer prepaid or credit cards that receive funds and real-time authorization for each transaction your customers wish to make.

We issue your business credit cards, giving you full control and making expense approval possible in real time.

Success Cases

Other industries

Expense management

We issue and process corporate cards that enable companies to control their expenses, limit the types of transactions for their users, and simplify the accountability process.


We facilitate the creation of cards and digital accounts for remittance companies, enabling their local clients to access their funds.

Collateralized Card

We issue and process cards associated with physical assets (such as grains, real estate, etc.) or digital assets (such as stocks, tokens, etc.) that serve as collateral for the available credit on the card.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

We issue and process physical and virtual cards for you to provide your customers with a secure way to make payments.

Sub-acquirers and Payment Facilitators

We provide cards and digital accounts to small and medium-sized businesses, empowering them to utilize their revenues according to their preferences.

Benefits and Gift Cards

We issue and process prepaid or credit cards with funds specifically allocated for a designated purpose, such as food, education, or expenses at a specific merchant, in accordance with your business rules.


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